Welcome to Tattoo Oy!!

Hi there!
Welcome to Tattoo Oy!
My name is Katy and I’m so happy you come to visit my website.

I started this site because I’m crazy about drawing and… you guess it… I simply LOVE tattoos!

For me tattoos are not a marker of difference or social status nor a simple form of group identification and definitely not a sign of deviance… as some scholars put it!

Tattoos mean so much more than that!
They are a form of ART and, above all, they make people feel more SEXY.
And also make us feel REBELLIOUS, ATTRACTIVE and… STRONG!

That’s what I feel when I see someone with a beautiful well designed tattoo!
Nothing makes a girl look sexier than a nice tattoo on the right place (ok, guys! 🙂 — we look awesome with our tattoos too, OF COURSE!).

That’s why I created TattooOy.com.
I want to show you the Best Tattoo Art, Ideas & Designs.
I want you to send us our own tattoo ideas, share your new tattoos, their meanings and your tattoo stories.

If you’re a tattoo artist this is the right place to get inspiration for your next tattoo designs and to promote your work and tattoo shop.
If you’re a tattoo aficionado this is also the right place to get great ideas for your next tattoo.

I want you to be a part of Tattoo Oy as much I do.
Let’s make this the one stop website to everything about tattoos: from the best ideas and designs, to the best tattoo artists, not forgetting tattoo aftercare and health recommendations when doing and keeping your tattoos.

Thanks again for stopping by and I wish to see around.
Let’s make Tattoo Oy BIG, Oh Yeah!

Your Tattoo Lover Friend,

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